Kano Agricultural Supply Company Limited ( KASCO ) was established and Incorporated as limited liability company on 30th october, 1981 under the companies Act 1981 , now companies and allied matters decree of 1990. It started operation in ealy 1982. The company is owned by Kano State Government.

The company is involve in procuring and sales of Agricultural Inputs to the Farmers in the state these include:

   1. Hard ware such as; Irrigation Pumps, Milling Machine, Sprayer, Oxdrawn- Ridgers etc

     2. Agro-chemical: e.g Herbicides, Insecticides, Rodenticides etc .

     3. Animal medication: e.g Benozole, Vitacilin, Renide etc

     4. Vegetables/ Cereals seeds: Tomatoes, Carrots, Water melon, Hybrid Maize Rice, Sorghum etc.

     5. To increase revenue generation, KASCO decided to diversify its activities by going into project namely: Livestock feed.

     Supply: Certified seeds, crop processing requirements Fertilizer: NPK 20-10-10,20-05-10,15-15-15,15-10-10 etc


         The company’s primary objective is the procurement, distribution and sale of agricultural inputs at affordable price to the farmers in Kano State through our              100 Retail store spread all over 44 Local Government Areas and Nigeria in General.


    To be the leading Supplies of Agricultural inputs in Nigeria.


  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Honesty